How Premarital Counseling Can Benefit Couples Planning to Get Married

by: Kalyan Kumar

Divorce is a common phenomenon in the Western world and the rate continues to rise. This is a stark reality that scares and even discourages some young couples. Numerous couples have called it quits after experiencing challenges in their married lives even if they have just been married for a matter of months. Many easily give up due to lack of patience and understanding towards the other spouse.

As the divorce rate remains on the upswing, many couples are now considering the option of getting a premarital counseling in the hope of making their marriage endure for a lifetime. Let's face it, there are couples planning to tie the knot who really want to have a lasting marriage. This should actually be the real mindset soon-to-be-married couples need to have and not just jump into marriage with an I-don't-care-what-happens attitude.

Although no one can ever know what lies ahead when a couple gets married, it's ideal to be prepared for the challenges that marriage bring. And the premarital counseling is the right way to prepare one's self to the ups and downs of married life. A counseling of this type is usually provided by religious leaders but a therapist specializing in marriage, family and relationships can also conduct one to help couples.

Premarital counseling aims to present to couples all the major issues involved in marriage which should guide them in finding the right ways to work out their relationship. Other important goals are to help couples develop various skills focusing on communication and to determine possible areas of conflict during married life.

Assessment is a key aspect of counseling and this covers different areas such as a couple's interests and activities, role and marriage expectations, adjustment period, interpersonal communication, religion and philosophy, finances, financial issues, children and parenting as well as sexuality.

During this stage, a man or woman is also given the opportunity to decide if he or she is indeed ready to get into a more serious and sacred relationship. For those who are unprepared, getting a premarital counseling may be a good sign to postpone any planned wedding. However for those who are bent on staying together for life, this opportunity may be a positive sign to push through with their wedding plans.

Young people may also ask about who could really benefit from premarital counseling. Adult couples above 18 years old planning to tie the knot can gain so much from this. In fact, there are some states that require premarital counseling for couples before their actual wedding.

Others who can benefit from this are those who have some kind of fear of marriage, people who find it hard to solve certain issues while still in a romantic relationship stage and those whose previous marriage was a failure but who want to avoid committing similar mistakes in their future marital relationship. Couples who have difficulty avoiding conflicts but who are serious about getting married can also learn more about handling relationships from premarital counseling.

No marriage is made in heaven. Since humans are not perfect, it's best to admit that relationships are also bound to be imperfect. However, couples always have a choice in making everything work and one effective way is through premarital counseling.

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