Substance Abuse Counseling

by: Damian Sofsian

Counseling is an effective therapy to remedy mental health problems and other erratic behaviors that are usually associated with substance abuse. The negative consequences on the personal and legal side are a great hindrance to anyone, especially teenagers, to achieve balance and sobriety while dealing with their friends, families, and society as a whole. A combination of pharmacological and behavioral treatments is necessary to address the problem.

Substance abuse counselors identify the abusing individualís negative behaviors and apply the necessary procedures to change and provide a remedy for it. Counselors work closely with a group of caregivers from clinics or therapeutic centers. Being a counselor, your patience and determination is tested and it requires great deal of compassion and a strong desire to extend help to those suffering. Successful counseling includes different types of counselor-client interactions and cooperation that are reflected by the treatments used. Application of treatment methods may vary depending on the kind of counseling chosen.

Individual counseling is a technique that gently helps the client acknowledge the reality of how abuse affects their life, as well as the lives of those around them. Group counseling is a method that gently helps the client acknowledge the reality of how abuse affects their lives alone together with other people. Patients will also realize that their case is not unique. This kind of counseling provides strong support and opens up opportunity for the abuser to confront his situation, since patientís manifests denial of the problem and blame others to rationalize abusive behavior.

After a few months of counseling, out-patient counseling program serves as a follow through of the commitment to complete aversion and complete abstinence from substance abuse.

Substance abuse counseling indeed plays a vital role for the psychological recovery of a patient. It guides them towards establishing and maintaining motivation to change, developing basic problem-solving or interpersonal skills, achieving a balanced lifestyle, improving relationships, finding a higher meaning in life and eventually leading a productive and happy life.

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